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Upload Logo Error 2
I premise for the Links SQL I used a template of my creation and not that Default Templates, so the posting of links within my web site happens without users had to be registered for. The problem occurs when users after posting the information through add.cgi they correctly come back to the validation page. However, when users choose to add a logo through this feature “To add a logo to this link”, appears this result:
User Status: Unknown Tag: 'user_status'
Added: Unknown Tag: 'Add_Date'
Hits: Unknown Tag: 'Hits'
Rating: Unknown Tag: 'Rating'
Votes: Unknown Tag: 'Votes'
Show Graphic: Unknown Tag: 'Show_Graphic'
Graphic is Validated: Unknown Tag: 'Graphic_Validated'

If the user continues to do this, he comes back to an error page that contains this message “You do not appear to be the owner of this link”.

Then, there is another problem. In order to running the software until now, I had to rename the template logo_attach_upload.html in logo_attach.html otherwise I had the following error:

A fatal error has occured:

Invalid method: site_html_Logo_attach (Logo_attach.html) at /home/mysite/cgi-bin/admin/Links/SiteHTML.pm line 201.

Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

Thanks in advance
Bye from Italy

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Re: Upload Logo Error 2 In reply to
Which version of the program did you get?

As I said 1.3.3c works, and I've made a few tweaks to the templates for clarity, I guess it's 1.3.3d at this point.

I'm trying to get the admin flip-flop working, before releasing 1.5.0

The templates are pretty straight forward, you just need to put the content area into the content area of your templates, then tweak them for looks.

You link to the system from the add_success.html and modify_* screens, using a simple link to start it: .../UploadLogo.cgi?LinkID=<%ID%>

When I updated this and the graphic mod to the xx.02.xx series, hopefully they will use the same template system as the MultiUp system, but they will really be designed for 2.1 and loops --

FWIW -- the Modify/select system in Links 2.04 already uses loops, which is why these programs work with all the template parsing/processing.

FWIW 2 -- I do all the developing on fairly standard (I had to fix up the margins...) new "default" templates, these are the templates that shipped with 2.04, and have the high tech look. This is a common denominator, and should help people migrate to their own template sets. If you are setting up a new Links site, this plug in should run "out of the box" so to speak. You only must manually copy the "extra" files from the "backup_version" directory to the default directory to overwrite the add_success, etc files as shipped with links.

FWIW 3 -- The upgrades do not overwrite any template files! They just replace the plugin.pm and plugin.cgi file, and rewrite the configuration (so you'll have to re-enter your defaults). I'm working on trying to fix that to preserve what defaults it can for the xx.02.xx version. (read the plugin.cfg file, set the defaults, etc.

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Re: Upload Logo Error 2 In reply to
I've fixed a few of these template issues, and added some control code to the .cgi to pick out admins vs regular users.

What you are doing, by not logging in, is causing the program to have a heart attack. In all the postings, I've said it was designed to run with a logged in user.

I may be able to hack around this, such that a user can add an image to a link as long as it has not been validated, as long as they know the LinkID.

This means, that a user could add an image to a link, from the add_success.html, or from a user-modify screen, if you have hacked it show a user _all_ their links, pending and validated.

It will take a few days, but I guess I could do this, and leave it as an option in the config --> No_Logon_Upload or something similar.

But, the problem is that without a logged in user, there is no way to authenticate or validate that a user has the right to change a link.

During upload, you need to get a LinkID, but that is assigned only after a link is inserted.

I tried doing it the other way, and trying to save state, and keep track of things, just wasn't worth it. All problems go away once you have a user log on.

In this current day, there really shouldn't be any reason to have an 'open' submission directory, requiring a logon helps reduce spam, and to be able to provide advanced features. Without a logon, and user identification, there just isn't any good way to validate things. Cookies, sessions, and such are only really useful for this sort of use when coupled with a log on.

But modifying and updating a link becomes a whole other issue.

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