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Template Set Installer...

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Template Set Installer...
Hi. Just so people know, I now have a working version of a plugin, which installs a template set automatically for you :) Its ready for release, *BUT* I don't want to release it until 2.1.3 is out, otherwise its a bugger of a lot of work to do, once it finally comes out :(

Just wanted to let people know about this, I think its pretty cool :)

The code code can be reused and reused, for whatever template set you want. All I have to do is run another plugin that I created, which creates 2 .tar files (Images.tar and Templates.tar). These are then automatically extracted from the .tar, and put in the /admin/templates/TEMPLATESET/ and /pages/images/TEMPLATESET.

I'll keep everyone updated on this :) I know its something that quite a few people have wanted for a while.


Andy (mod)
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