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Strange search.cgi behavior

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Strange search.cgi behavior
I'm running dynamic mode, Links 3.2.0.

I don't like that the New links page presents a bulleted list of days to choose from in order to see the new links. In other installations, I've just gone the route of changing the url to point to search.cgi?isNew=Yes and it lists all new links just fine. Those all have been static sites.

In my current installation, however, I'm seeing strange behavior where the links loop doesn't seem to be running. And the behavior is not consistent. Sometimes the links all display, other times it stops after the line stating X categories and X links. Even more troublesome is that once you lose the display, it won't come back until you logout/login. And if you have the displayed search results, if you refresh, they go away and won't come back again.

I'm baffled, but won't be surprised if it's something obvious.

Another thing I noticed: sometimes there is a ;d=1 appended after search.cgi?isNew=Yes. Sometimes not. I've even hardcoded the link in the navbar and sometimes it gets added sometimes not.

Edited to add: Just checked and the refresh thing affects any searches, where if you get search results and refresh, you see the line of how many search results you got, but the results disappear.

Edited once more: Logging out/logging in doesn't always help, and sometimes the issue exists even on a fresh login.

Final edit: seems to affect all browsers (tested Mac Safari, Mac Firefox, XP IE)

Many thanks for any input,

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