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Sorting Thai Language in MySQL

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Sorting Thai Language in MySQL
I am Bom, a student of Burapha University, Thailand. Nice to meet you all.

Now it is like a senior project season and I got a topic about a sorting algorithm
for MySQL. In case, I have to find out where it lays sorting codes. My need is
I would like to develop the Thai language sorting algorithm and code it, for you all and for any users.
Because my poor English and my own experience in C and C++ (Linux Platform), so it's hard for me to
understand the MySQL source codes.
So if you are convinence, please take a time help me to quickly understand how
each files or functions relate each other. So it will help me to reduce the time for studying the codes,
and I will fix up and put my code earier.

Sincerely Yours,

Sasuk, Apisarn -- Bom Smile


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Re: [apisarnbom] Sorting Thai Language in MySQL In reply to
This may suite the 'Databases and SQL' forum better Wink

Andy (mod)
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