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Review plugin
I am not quite sure what is going on with this. A bit disapointed as it is definitely something i expected when buying links sql, also seems a pretty essential thing really, one thing almost all free products have!


This is how i would like to see it work:

i) Ability to have both rate and review. Also ability to seperate whether you are required to register for both. I would want people to register to review but not for rate so that i could for example have a rate form on someone's webiste. A visitor rates the site, comes to mine and is then asked to register if they want to leave comments.

ii) validation of reviews. (toggable). Admins can go through them and validate one by one, and reviews for links in an editor's category can also be validated by an editor (a toggable permission). Also nice would be the ability to set a user permission to add reviews without need for validation, ie they can just add their own reviews straight into database.

iii) The review screen would look something like widgetz one for links 2.0. Graphical stats would be nice (but not sure if possible with current data storage of rates???). Toggable fields for review as well clearly and perhap even the possibility of more than 1 number so you could do 10 for presentation 7 for content etc...

iv) ability to for link owner to receive emails of new reviews.

v) ability to turn on/off html in reviews.

i think that is about all. I would like to knoew what is avaliable in the current gossamer-threads plugin so we can see how much work needs to be done....

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There are going to be disappointments in all phases of life.... it's a reality. Humans can't do everything, and it's not possible to everything given a finite budget either. There are only 36 hours, er 24 hours in a day, to do things, and sometimes the big picture has to be painted while the details wait patiently.

I know my to-do list is about 35 things long. There just isn't enough of me to do it all. Once I get the first few plug-ins out of the way, though, some of the "easier" ones will follow quickly. If I did the deliberately easier ones first, I would not be using my time wisely, in creating my own "library" of routines to use and draw on again and again.

There might be some things in the works, so stay tuned.

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Re: Review plugin In reply to
oh i understand. My post was more about suggestions than winning as gossamer who are stars for making such a great product.

I look forward to whatever might be in the works.

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