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Replacement for subcategory.html

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Replacement for subcategory.html

I realise there are quite a few globals around now for Drop Down boxes etc of Categories. There may be something in the forums but I've searched and can't find something that I am really after.

I am after a global to replace the functions of subcategory.html. Why you ask?

Well, I want the same functionality, but would prefer something I can use on my side navigation whilst keeping subcategory.html intact for the Home Page.

Ideally a global that would call a html template file - easier to play with AND something, if it is possible, to detect the last category and allow a different formatting option. In other words something that would enable me to insert a different graphic beside the 'last' subcategory in the group. An example is this:-

<tr><td><img abc.gif></td>
<td>Linked Category Name</td>
<tr><td><img def.gif></td>
<td>Last Linked Category Name</td>

I hope I'm making sense here.

If someone could point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it.


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