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Random - but words
This global works great at producing random characters:

sub {
my @random = (0 .. 9, 'a' .. 'z', 'A' .. 'Z');
my $rand = '';
for (1 .. 8) {
$rand .= $random[rand @random];
return $rand;


But what if you wanted to produce a string of text set in the global itself like:

ford cars
triumph bikes
daf trucks

- then the global chose anyone of these to return.

any ideas?

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Re: [BLOOD] Random - but words In reply to
Maybe something like this?

sub {
my @words = ('ford cars','foo bar','another test','yay');
my $word = $words[rand @words];
$word ? return $word : return 'No word';

That *should* grab a random entry from the @words array. Please note, this is untested, so may not work without a couple of minor mods :)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Random - but words In reply to
Works very good and very usefull Cool


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