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Plugins updates
Here's a brief update.

I have had a series of hardware failures, and Windows failures. 2 of my machines are dead or close to it, and windows is refusing to recognize some sub systems (like USB) to access some external storage devices, so about half my data is off line. I was off line for almost 2 weeks, and lost most of the mail that was sent during that time. I have about 90% from the past 5-7 days. If you sent mail, send it again, or use the GT forums here.

I haven't been able to work on the big new plugins, but I have made some changes to plugins like detailed_page and others, which will be released as a larger package, with an integrated installation, and combined plugin registry system for paths and data.

I've also made some headway into modifying the http://identitydots.com site, so that "parked" domains (as in domain sales site) will refer into a Links SQL database, so you can present information (for sale, for lease, under development, etc) information, and still use banner advertising and external revenue streams to help support the site. It uses mod_rewrite to take the http_server from a default server (one without a specific virtual server set up for it) and passes it to a script .../domain_display.cgi which is a modified detailed_page.cgi and uses the same logic. With this, you'll be able to offer up pages for "parked" domains on a server, and display a dynamic page with information related to that server. This is not for everyone, but if this makes sense to you, and you are interested, contact me privately. It's a kludge.... but it works, and for low volume (as this would most likely be) it should work fine.

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