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I'm sure this can be figured out from a variety of calls, but it would be nice to have a "status" type function set.

What this would do is list the plug-ins, the versions of Links and MySQL, DBD/I, etc. This would allow both an automated page of "Software being run" and a way to insert the versions into various screens.

It's a nice way to know what plug-ins are installed and running, especially
if some plug-ins may be working or not.

I guess it would be similar to the manage plug-ins screen, but able to be set up on a template page.

This would also allow <% if plugin_name% > ... < %endif% > tags, so that if a plug-in was uninstalled temporarily, the template wouldn't show up broken or "unknown".

Not essential things, but things that will be really nice to have as the number of plug-ins increase.

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