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Need new ISP
Can someone tell me where I can find a dependable isp that is compatable with LinksSql
Unix server
Fairly price
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What kind of server....dedicated, shared?.....What is your budget?

I guess most of the members here would recommend Gossamer Host Wink

For dedicated servers you can't beat Rackspace.
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Re: [Sies] Need new ISP In reply to
As Hargreaves says you can find interesting prices out there concerning hosting and the second question about shared or dedicated hosting you'll also need to think over whoever you decide to host with.

I used to be hosted with one of the largest web hosting companies and the prices were for a sound a secure solution with good support does not come cheap. When companies provide you with dirt cheap hosting solutions there is usually an element you will expect down the road at some point that isn't up to it. It also depends on your site and the how many visitors you expect...

I chose nearly a year ago to move to Gossamer Hosting and I must say I find their own pages do not explain the full extent of functions and advantages they offer. I get the same functions I did before admin panels that give me access to nearly everything, both server, stats, fileman, web email etc. The support is quick to respond and I mainly use GT products which they are quickly able to give me advice about and often fix issues that I have created for myself. One other thing is that from a security standpoint I feel they are very quick to cover any issues that arise as well...

Basically I spend a lot less time worrying about things than I did before and that, in my books, is very valuable Wink

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Re: [Hargreaves] Need new ISP In reply to
Thanks, those were my 2 choices. I'm using shared but I just about ready to move to dedicated