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Making a link active
I notice that in these forums, when I put in a URL - it automatically makes that link clickable. Is there a way to do this for LinksSQL? For instance, I am using LinksSQL as an articles database. I have a section where authors can submit their "Resource Box." Inside the Resource Box, I want them to be able to post a link to their site. Right now, I am giving them directions on how to create an HTML link. It would be better, if they were simply able to submit the link http://www.somelink.com and have it be automatically clickable. Any ideas?

I really don't want to have to get involved with an HTML editor, I've been down that road already. The one I installed is very complex - FCKeditor. Maybe I need a much simpler one? Like the one on this forum. Is this one available for LinksSQL?

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Re: [renken] Making a link active In reply to

You could use a global =)

New global named: make_links_active

Call in template with;


..and put the following code in the global;

sub {

my $desc = $_[0];
$desc =~ s|\Qhttp://\E(.*?)\s+|<a href="http://$1">http://$1</a> |sig;
return $desc;


Untested, but should hopefully work :)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Making a link active In reply to
It did work. Thanks!