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Ok, a brief update.

I got a chance to try the new "FILE" field in the next version of links. It looks like the Logo_Graphic mod will port to that very easily. I should even be able to do a conversion program, or actually just a set of SQL commands to convert from my version, to the new integrated version.

As I had expected, the built in support for "FILE" will do what most people need, in general. My mod will add some extra features, have pre-built templates to replace the basic add/modify templates, and will of course offer the back-end image processing and pay-pal features.

I will keep the price at $35, but will also offer a $55 version that will integrate "paypal" and which will allow you to use the same modules for several "FILE" fields, easily.

What this will do, is allow a user to upload a logo, it will be checked for size, and if necessary resized (requires Image::Size from CPAN) and then the user will be/can be prompted to pay for the logo via Paypal. If they chose to pay, their "Show_Logo" field will be updated , and "Logo_Expire" will be set with an end date. The Admin _still_ needs to "Logo_Validate" the logo in order for it to be shown (or you can set that default to "yes" if you'd like). When a subscription expires, Logo_Show is set back to "No", but as long as the old logo is there, it doesn't have to be revalidated by the admin. A user can pay to show their logo, and because "Logo_Validated" is still "Yes" it will start showing again. Make sense? Very simple, but very effective, and should do probably more than what 90% of sites will want and need. I'd be willing to add in features to this as they make sense.

As always, you can modify anything for your site, but these are commercial programs, so they are not distributable beyond that. Same terms as links, pretty much.

I will upgrade _EVERYONE_ who got the first version of the Logo_Graphic program to the new "paypal" version free. You can choose to use it or not, but you'll get the additional image field feature as well. Thats my way of saying thanks for supporting me. Of course, everyone who has the "complete package" will get it all as well.

The new "FILE" type seems to solve the admin problems, or about 90% of them. The "view"/"download" feature will be available inside the the admin/edit area, and you'll still have the "Logo_Show" and "Logo_Valid" fields to allow paid and approved flags for the logos (hopefully managed automatically by the paypal notification system, and a cron job or build routine to expire them).

With luck, this should be available right around the time Alex releases the next version of Links, or no later than about a week after it. The integration is pretty smooth, the only thing I have to work on is the paypal routines, then test them with the release version to make sure they work.

I'm soooo excited ! :) <G>

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Re: [pugdog] Logo_Graphic In reply to
Just a quick update on the status of this plugin:

As indicated, I was able to get upload integration to work for the postcards.cgi plugin. I should have it working today, with luck. I think I was able to salvage my backups locally, but it seems there was a problem on my harddrive, and some files were crosslinked due to network issues (I think Win ME is the culprit) and I lost access to a lot of my code.

Fortunately, I had the code in 2 or 3 places for testing, and it seems I was able to salvage some code from the 7/6-7/26 period where the damage seems to have been. The most important code was 7/19, and I _think_ I got it. I'll know more later today, as I try to install the various programs and update them.

Everyone who has ordered this plugin, or the complete package can get this upgrade free. Hopefully, I'll be able to mail it out in a day or two. Need to make some 2.1 specific changes and such.

The new purchase price is $55, and everyone will have the same single version. I can't support multiple versions of the same script, so everyone who has ordered, or who does order, will get the logo/graphic program, upload integration and paypal integration when it's complete. There will only be one version of this plugin script.

Once the other image program is fixed up, I'll make an optional thumbnailer, so you can re-size the uploaded graphics to a specific size. It will only resize non-animated images, so it's really only for people who don't listen to your size limitations. I may or may not include this in the standard $55 package. It depends on how much actual code is in this. It's main advantage is for PayPal integration, so you can still take their money yet they can't upload a bogus image.

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