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Limit_Links_Add - Making it a paid option?

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Limit_Links_Add - Making it a paid option?
Hi all,

This is probably more aimed at Andy, but maybe others have done something similar...

What I'd like to do is set up a linkSQL site where a user can register on ther site for free, but then they must purchase a yearly subscription which allows them to add 10 links (eg. $10), or 25 links (eg. $25), or 50 links (eg. $50), or 100 links (eg. $100).

So instead of being charged on a per link basis, they are charged one yearly subscription rate that allows them to add 'up-to' X number of links within that year.

Then when their subscription is nearly up they would be emailed and reminded it's time to pay again.

So it's sort of a combination of andy's Limit_Links_Add plugin and the payment system done slightly a different way.

Anyone done this?

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Re: [ryel01] Limit_Links_Add - Making it a paid option? In reply to
Hi. Interesting idea :) Definatly something I'll add to my "To-Do" list . ... but thats about 50 meters long at the moment :(


Andy (mod)
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