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Insert Bug

Seems to be a bug with 'insert'.

Specifically, I'm working with modifying the Search Logger. On 'insert' the reference to a string ie: \"NOW()" is not apparantly being passed or acted upon properly. The date is set to 0000-00-00 until a second search, when the UPDATE function does set the date.

I can get around it with a single primary non-date key, such as 'Term', by immediately UPDATING the INSERTed record, but when the primary key is "Term/Date" it won't work.

I've tried playing with it, but can't seem to figure anything else out but that.

The problem I have is that I have a multiple primary key that includes the date, and unless the Insert works properly, I can't follow it with an 'update' to overcome the bug. I'd have to restructure the table, and use an AutoIncrement field, which might actually be "better" since for the sake of one wasted field, you can use the Links shorthands -- get/add.

But, You might want to address this. Seems to be a problem only with INSERT.

BTW: if I use the Unix time, and assign the dates before using Insert, it works fine. Seems to be with passing the reference to a string.

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Could well be. I would lose the multiple primary key, and instead add an auto increment field to be your primary key. It works much nicer.


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