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Global that compares Dates

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Global that compares Dates

I have been using this plugin (in ver 2.0.5) fine, but for some reason, it does not make the transition to It does not crash or make a fatal error, but it never returns a "1" when it should. (It should return "0" unless the Add-Date is one week from today, then reutrn "1". Sounds silly, I know, but it works for me!)

Any ideas?


sub {
use GT::Date qw/:all/;
no strict;
my ($rec) = @_;
my $prod = 0;
my $ad = $rec->{'Add_Date'};
my $today = date_get (time + (7 * 86400));
if (date_is_smaller($today,$ad)) {
$prod = 1;
return $prod;


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