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GT plugin system additional info (FYI)

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GT plugin system additional info (FYI)
While I'm working on my plugins, I'm always learning new things.
There was a lot discussion about the plugin system, but some things was not cleared yet, in what order the plugins are executed.

I did just look into the GT/Plugins.pm and found that the plugins are executed in the order as they are placed in the plugin.cfg file, in array under 'hooks' key of each plugin.

*WARNING* - The following info is only for advanced Perl and LinksSQL programmers! Do not edit the plugin.cfg file if you do not know what you are doing!
It is not possible to change order from the admin interface.
However it is possible to change the execution order, if the plugin.cfg file is edited, and the order of the arrays in 'hooks' key under the 'plugin_you_want_to_edit' key, is changed.

Remember, I posted this info just FYI.

If anybody has additional info, or suggestions about the plugin system post it here. We could use this thread to publish similar infos, tips, tricks about the GT plugin system.

Best regards,

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