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Formatting links within a tag?

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Formatting links within a tag?
Hi all,

I'm trying to customize my category template to suit the layout of the non-Links SQL part of my site. In the other parts of my site I have a navigation "breadcrumb trail" (essentially showing "You are here: Home > Directory1 > Directory2 > page name"). That breadcrumb uses css to format the links to "Home", "Directory1", etc. so that they show up as white with no underline against a dark blue background. I'm trying to implement this same color scheme in the Links templates, but am finding it very difficult to alter the default format for anything appearing within an <a href> tag..

I don't want to alter the global value

a:link {color:blue; },

because doing so would make all links on the page blue. I just want the top breadcrumb trail navigation to be white with no underline.

Do I need to alter the title_linked tag to add css formatting to it? If so, I haven't been able to discover where to do this - the title_linked tag does not appear in my globals.txt file.

Or, is there some other way to implement css formatting in specific places in a template?

Thank you to any ideas or suggestions !