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Custom .css stylesheet?

I made my own custom style sheet and I made an entry in include_common_head.html to pick it up.

What all do I have to put in my custom file so that my directories will line up properly and also will comply with everything else?

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Re: [milljea] Custom .css stylesheet? In reply to

I think you are going about this wrong.

The luna.css *is* the custom file you should be editing, you don't need a custom.css, unless you are trying to add different features to different directories, and need more than one .css for your whole site.

What do you mean to "line up" everything? All that is done in different areas.

What you should do is open up the luna-core.css and move the parts of that you need to your luna.css, then edit those parts to give you the look and feel you want.

In upgrades, luna-core.css will be overwritten, but luna.css will not.

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