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Category Page with PageBuilder

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Category Page with PageBuilder
I have the PageBuilder plugin and have created simple and links page works great!

Now Im having problems doing to following:

(1) Create a single category page with a specific style.
(2) Have all pages under that category with a different style.

I created a category page in PageBuilder. I have tried various combos of Build Directory and Filenames taken from posts on the Forum. With the following combination ...

Build Directory: <%Fullname%>
Build Filename: <%ID%>.html

I get the following error:

Filename should contain one of the following tags: and/or
Directory should contain one of the following tags: ,

What am I doing wrong. Do I need a page condition for the single page? What page condition would it be?

I have read quite a few posts and tried many things. It is probably a simple answer.

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Re: [awhite] Category Page with PageBuilder In reply to
I have resolved the problem by not using the PageBuilder plugin.

Eventually I was able to build a category template file in PageBuilder. When I added the file name to the Category Template field in the Category Browser I got an error - file could not be found - wrong template folder. I tried changing the file path but got a different set of errors.

Finally I made an alternate category page template in the default template set and added this file name to the Category Template field in the Catetegory Browser. This seems to be working fine.

One of the reasons I was using PageBuilder is because being inexperienced I thought there might be 'unknown' repercussions of copying files in the default template folders. I assume now that there is not problems with doing this.

This post should have been in the discussions forum .. sorry 'bout that.