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AdvertPRO keywords
Anyone got expericance with AdvertPRO,

Ive put in a lot of time and effort to setup around 80 differnent campaigns, each of them has several keywords.

Ive got it to work on the search result page, in that it displays search targeted banners.. BUT and its big BUT..

Sometimes it matches correctly, but then if you try searching again with the same keyword.. it comes up with other banners that has nothing to do with they keyword, hasnt got anything even close to that keyword as its own keyword..

For example, I can do a search on Sweden.. first it shows a banner for Sweden, 2nd time It shows a banner for Sweden then the 3rd time it comes up with a banner for email.. IE it doesnt match it correctly.

Also, if I use phrases or for example "Shopping sweden" it doesnt match on that.. it only seem to match on a single part ie either shopping OR sweden but not both..

There is not much (actually not any really) documentation on how to use they keywords.. then again there are not many settings to use.

Ive tried several things but it keeps doing the same thing, coming up with banners that should not show up..

I bought it because it was supposed to work well but it seems to be that it works well with everything BUT the keyword targeting.

ANy ideas or suggestions?