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Adding a navbar to a template

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Adding a navbar to a template
I'm using the default template set, and I think I understand the use of the "include" statement, but I seem to be a little rusty in my use of table syntax. I have some HTML table code that makes the left-hand navbar of my site. I have copied that code to a file I'll call "include_navbar.html", and I can insert this "include" statement in search.html just fine... except that the actual search form gets bumped below the navbar, rather than being bumped to the right.

I think all I need to do is modify a table definition, but I'm not sure which definition needs modifying: the "include" file, or the search.html file?

Alternatively (and for flexibility, perhaps in preference), I can put the templates in a frame-based set of pages, but I'm not sure of all of the down sides to using frames.

I could use a little help on this, on either subject.

Alan Frayer
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