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[ TIP] Track outgoing hits, while still tracking the outgoing hits.

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[ TIP] Track outgoing hits, while still tracking the outgoing hits.

I had to write this for a client for a job today, so thought I would share it - as I can imagine quite a few people would wanna use this :)

Basically, it lets you link outgoing links in your directory, as if you were just using:

<a href="<%URL%>" target="_blank"><%Title%></a>

...but still tracks the outgoing hits.

The steps are:

1) Open up /static/utils.js, and add:

function trackclick(aid) {
(new Image()).src="/cgi-bin/directory/track.cgi?ID=" + aid;
return true;

(be sure to change the /cgi-bin/directory/ to the correct place of track.cgi)

2) In link.html, find the bit that links to jump.cgi, and add this;

onclick="return trackclick(<%ID%>);"

..so it would look something like:

<a href="<%URL%>" target="_blank" onclick="return trackclick(<%ID%>);"><%Title%></a>

3) Upload the attached script to your cgi-bin, and CHMOD to 755. Be sure to edit the "path" (between '') to your path to the Glinks admin area.

Then, give it a go (get an example link, check the number of "Hits" that exist for it, and then do a test jump - and see if it increased)

Anyway, hopefully this is useful to people Smile


Andy (mod)
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