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[UPDATE] Image Gallery Mod

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[UPDATE] Image Gallery Mod
I have to make a necessary, deviation from my planned releases.

I have to start working on the Image/Gallery mod now, and get it working ASAP. The version I have to start on will not be a "plug-in". It will be a full-version system. It will use an entire links license, and be designed to run a photo-gallery/image-gallery site. I will then back-track, and work on the plug-in that will hopefully allow you to add similar functionality to a links site, on a smaller scale, but with the same range of features.

The real major deviation will be that it will not be a plug in. I will just be writing the code and routines, and will have to go backwards to make it a plug in, rather than writing it as a plug-in from the start, and building it up. I will keep an eye to making a plug in, but there is a lot of overhead code and coding that has to go into making a plugin work with the existing links system, and to make the install routines.

Once I get the framework set up, anyone with one of the adult authorization companies will be able to get in and look around, and make suggestions. I will probably incorporate many of the features asked for here, into it, but as I said... it will _NOT_ be a plug in at this time.

Once I have a working site, and the features in place, I'll break them out into plug-in modules.

This change is necessary to hopefully allow me to catch up with my planned release schedule, which has slipped way behind (due to a lot of reasons, most beyond my control).

Hopefully this will be Links 2.1x compatible -- (loops, filetype, etc).
1) All the features of a photo/image gallery system
2) Integrated file upload, processing, and parameters
3) User upload system with integration into a more sophisitcated control/access system
4) Ability to import large volumes of images, and to span network file systems in a rational way.
5) Integrated review, ratings, and more system.
6) Integrated forum/comments/discussion
7) Complicated relational structure for inputting and designing a layout/hierarchy.
8) Image hierarchy separate from the layout system, and disk layouts.
9) Integrated postcards, bad-links, recommend it, etc systems.
10) more.

I will be making more use of the forum area on the FAQ site, and updating the status there on a regular basis.

This first dedicated release will be targeted at adult sites, since that is where the demand is, and that's where the largest volume of images are to test it out with. It should not be too hard to change the settings for a non-adult use, but all the extra features adult sites need will be built in.

I spent about 16 hours the past two days trying to develop a fully relational database structure for both the image areas and the membership/access areas. I think I have one that can be used to start (I'm sure it will have to be tweaked).

Anyway, this is an update.

I'll be spending the day updating the FAQ site, and making sure things are ok there, so if you find any problems, please let me know.

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