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[UPDATE] GoogleMap v2 (using GoogleMaps v3 API)

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[UPDATE] GoogleMap v2 (using GoogleMaps v3 API)

Its been a long time since I released an update of this plugin, so I thought it was about time. This version is a total rewrite of the old version. There were 2 reason:

1) There was a more efficient way to do this
2) It needed to move over to the Google Maps API v3 (as v2, which is what the old version is using, has been depreciated)

Those who own this plugin. I would highly recommend updating ASAP. Although the v2 API will carry on working, I cannot guarantee how long this will be for (and it may leave your site without any google maps showing up)

The new version has a ton of new settings (so you can configure it without needing to "hack" the code).


As always, any question - please ask.


Andy (mod)
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