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[RELEASED] Logo/Graphic upload 01.02.01

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[RELEASED] Logo/Graphic upload 01.02.01

After loads of rewriting, and re thinking, finally this is in a "final" and pretty stable form.

The HTML is pretty ugly, and I don't have a test site yet, but will shortly. I need people to test it out, and see what's wrong with it. For the next 48 hours I'll drop the price of this mod to $25 for anyone who pays by PayPal. It includes all upgrades for the 01.xx versions, but I really need your feedback, and any HTML suggestions, since a lot of the work is done in the HTML.


1) specifiy max height, width, file size.
2) users can upload the graphic with the 'add.html' form, or they can attach a graphic to validated and unvalidated links.
3) TWO LEVELS of validation: Graphics do not display unless BOTH the "Graphic_Validated" and "Show_Graphic" fields are set to "Yes". You can use the "Show_Graphic" field to determine if a user meets the criteria for having their graphic displayed _IF_ their graphic has been approved.
4) You link to the attach.cgi via a simple link. It looks for an ID and an "action" parameter. It uses the $USER record to determine who is asking, and if they have admin privs. "Editor" privs will be added later. Right now, only Admins can validate.
5) The validation fields show up in the Admin area, but you can't see the graphic there. You must use the attach.cgi to view the graphic+link. This is a limitation in "hooks" into the links admin.
6) The Image::Size module is REQUIRED for graphic checking!! It can be downloaded and installed easily from CPAN.

This Version 01.02.01 can be used as a general file attachment, but you have to disable the "graphics" checking in the code. It was really designed specifically to attach a single graphic to a link such as a logo or photo. This was the #1 request from the original users.

THe 02.xx version will allow multiple file attachments, and use a separate database to track the type of image/link.

Anyway, as I said, in the next 48 hours -- until about midnight Thursday Eastern time, I'll offer this for $25. Regular price is $35, and if I add in any more features, it might go up.

This has been a real bear, and it has consumed more time than I ever thought possible! But, I'm well on my way to the other 2 mods -- multiple files and photo Gallery.

Paypal ID: pugdog@pugdog.com

PUGDOGŪ Enterprises, Inc.
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Re: [RELEASED] Logo/Graphic upload 01.02.01 In reply to
I spent the day adding more installation code, and error checking.

It tries to be nice on install.

Also, fixed up some of the admin features. I would like to get it so that you can access the admin features either as an "administrator" user, or from the plug-in menu in the admin area.

I will try to have a demo on the FAQ site, and update that site tomorrow and over the weekend. You'll be able to get a User ID there, and log in, upload a link, with a logo, and see how the process works.

I'll have the multiple file/attachment version out shortly, as most of the logic has been done for that. And once that is out, then the Image/Gallery program will follow pretty quickly.

I hope Alex/GT will release a bug fix version that will update the code from the 2.0.3 version to the current level. There seems to be a mix of code releases, all slightly different, and a "stable release" version would be a big help!

Anyway, this is ready. It integrates well with most sites, and it's really designed to be a logo/graphic upload system.

The more people who start to use it, the more features that can be added. Right now, the features are sort of fixed. If there are enough users, though, features can be added.

With the rewrite I did to get to the 01.02.xx version, it wouldn't be too hard to add in the image size checking, and manipulation routines from the "Net::PBM" package (a lighter weight and more easily installed package than Image::Magick). I have all that done for the multiple file and Image/Gallery program.

PUGDOGŪ Enterprises, Inc.