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[New Plugin] SafeURL v1.0 - Stops mallware and phishing URL submissions

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[New Plugin] SafeURL v1.0 - Stops mallware and phishing URL submissions
Hello Everyone,

I had some spike of "people" trying to submit some phishing links to one of my sites. Eventually got tired of manual labour validating these and wrote a nice little plugin to deal with them :)

In case someone else needs to protect their site from such behaviour, here is the result :)

SafeURL Plugin

Price: $15

For full details: http://www.zaaron/gt/

How it works?
The plugin protects your site from mallware and phishing links by checking user submitted urls with Google Safebrowsing API and if the url is previously detected from Google scanner it returns nice informative error to the user. After some reading while building the plugin I realised that this way it will prevent my site from being penalised from Google for containing outbound links to mallware and phishing sites.

The plugin currently blocks malware and phishing URL submissions trough the following user actions:
- User Add Link
- User Modify Link

* Requires Net::SSLeay perl module to comunicate with the Google API (unfortunately Google accepts only SSL connections to this API endpoint).



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