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[New Plugin] Cache_Page available

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[New Plugin] Cache_Page available
Hi all:

A new plugin called Cache_Page is released and available for downloading. This plugin essentially does much the same thing as Google¡¯s cached page. It caches a web page for every link in your LinkSQL database, stores the cached pages in your database and delivers them to your site visitors. A previous thread discussing this can be found here: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/...i?post=227509#227509

How it works: The plugin uses LinkSQL¡¯s Parallel.pm module to do batch work and doesn¡¯t use LWP. You give a URL, Link IDs, or give a group of links based on links¡¯ status, the plugin will retrieve web pages and stores them in your database after converting all relative URLs to absolute ones. You add a line to your link.html file and edit a template file which controls how the cached pages will be displayed. Then you rebuild your link pages (if using static page) and a hyperlink will show up for every link which has a cached page stored. When your visitors click the hyperlink, the cached page will be grabbed from your database and an html page will be built on the fly and displayed.

Detailed features:
  1. Add, delete, update and view cached pages
  2. Perform the same actions by giving a URL, also pattern match is provided
  3. Perform the same actions by giving one or more link Ids
  4. Perform the same actions to a group of links based on link status
  5. It checks link status before retrieving pages. By default, it only stores pages for GOOD links, for BAD links, if content is available, you have the option of ¡°Cache it anyway¡±
  6. Browse links and then perform the same actions to individual or a group of links
  7. Convert relative URL to absolute URL for hyperlink and images
  8. Ability to specify how many bytes to cache for each link
  9. Template based display of cached pages
  10. It creates a new table for storing cached pages, with name of your choice at installation, but doesn¡¯t alter any of your existing tables.
  11. LinkSQL 2.1.1 and 2.1.2 compatible.
  12. No extra module is needed such as LWP

What it doesn't do: At this release, this plugin only support http protocol so that it only cache URL started with "http://". In addition, it doesn't cache links which point to special file types such as PDF, DOC, GIF, JPEG, PPT, and links using frames.



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