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[NEW PLUGIN] Post_vBulletin

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[NEW PLUGIN] Post_vBulletin
Post_vBulletin Plugin
is a very usefull plugin for webmasters who are using GTLinks and vBulletin.

Post_vBulletin automatically creates a corresponding thread, whenever you add a new link to your Gossamer Links database. During the installation the plugin automatically creates forum threads for all present links in the database.
  • You can link to to the forum message in link.html and detailed.html
By Example:

<%~if VB_Thread_Count gt '1'%><a href="<%VB_Thread_URL%>"><%VB_Thread_Count%> Kommentar(e) lesen/schreiben</a>
<%~else%><a href="<%VB_Thread_URL%>">Kommentar schreiben</a>

  • Of course, you can link back from the forum thread to dynamic and/or static link page.
  • The body text of the auto-post is customizable. You can also choose to use the link description as body of the initial post.
  • When deleting links from your database, you decide whether or not to close their corresponding threads
  • You can include the link to the forum thread in each mail to the link owner
<a href="<%VB_Thread_URL%>">Link to forum thread</a>

Where you can also show the number of answers with <%VB_Thread_Count%>

The price for the plugin is 75,- Euro, payments can be made with paypal.

More information and screenshots are available here.

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eljot: Apr 28, 2006, 1:17 PM
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Re: [eljot] [NEW PLUGIN] Post_vBulletin In reply to
Nice plugin, could it be used to only build threads for certain categories?
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Re: [garrynz] [NEW PLUGIN] Post_vBulletin In reply to
Thanks! Smile

Sorry this option is actual not available.

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