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[NEW PLUGIN] LimitLinksAddAdv v1

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[NEW PLUGIN] LimitLinksAddAdv v1

This plugin is a spin-off from Limit_Links_Add. Unlike Limit_Links_Add, it lets you set a specific number of links any user can have (i.e on a per-user basis). You can also set a "flag" on specific users accounts, which will enable them to have their links auto-validated.

Its part of both the ULTRA Package, and ULTRA Package PRO.

Details: http://www.ultranerds.com/...x_Version/ToDo_L215/


This plugin lets you setup specific users with the ability to auto-validate their own links (i.e for users who you fully trust with this ability).

You can also set a specific number of links a user can add, per person. For example - you could set usera to be allowed to add 15 links, and userb to add 25.

Price: $30

Plugin Requirements:
  • Gossamer Links 3.0.1+
  • Ability to run cronjobs

  • You can set the ability for a user to Auto-Validate their links, by setting the AllowedToValidate field in their user profile.
  • You can set a specific number of links a user can add, by editing the number in their NumberOfLinksAllowed field.
  • Cronjob runs every hour, to activate links that users who have the "AllowedToValidate" option set to allowed.
  • Limits the number of links any given user can add (shows an error if they have exceeded their limit)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


Andy (mod)
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