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Can't get the forum started...

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Can't get the forum started...

I've a question refer to the Demo of the Gossamer Forum:

I've downloaded the 30 trial and now I want to install it at the webserver. I've done the following:

- copied the install.cgi (ASCII) and the install.dat (BINARY) to the "cgi-bin"-folder of the webserver and set the CHMOD-Value of the install.cgi to 755
- now i wanted to start the install.cgi but the server only returned an error message nr. 500

Can anybody instuct me how to get this forum started?

Thank you!

MfG Daniel
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Re: [Anonymous] Can't get the forum started... In reply to
This is the way how you should install it.
Maybe you should try a simple test.cgi file, if it can be executed...

Best regards,

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