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Thinking of switching from vbulletin

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Thinking of switching from vbulletin
I'm thinking of changing from vBulletin to Gossamer Threads forum. Is there an import script for vbulletin? I was told there was and it says there is in the import.pl file. Also, if I did switch, would someone beable to install the forums for me and import vbulletin for me? Would there be a charge for that, is it offered? I am definately considering switching, mainly because of your search engine spider options and if I can get the import script to work flawlessly with no errors and I see a good solid import, then I probably will be switching. One other questions, I see that these forums (running on gossamer-threads.com) work as http://www.gossamer-threads.com/forum for the search engines. I like that nice clean plain URL. How is that done?


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Re: [SkuZZy] Thinking of switching from vbulletin In reply to

No, unfortunately we don't have an import script for vBulletin. We could do the import for you, but would have to charge you for it (we could do it at a reduced rate as obviously it would be useful for us anyways).

As for the /forum/ URL, we set that up using the search engine friendly templates. See:


for details on how to do this.


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