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Questions about features, and performance

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Questions about features, and performance

I have been loosely following the development of GF since it was released as a beta, but am not quite up to date on all the admin features.

Right now I'm a migrated W3T user running a recent UBBThreads release. Our post db is about 300k records, and we have around 7k registered users, with about 100-125 online usually (registered+anonymous). Our server spec is a single processor AMD 750, 1.5gb ram, and a 36gb scsi.

We have reached the point of cutting back features to safe face on performance---no searches of all forums, and new message counts on the main index are now gone to allow for quick loading. Otherwise, it runs fine.

Do you think the server spec I mentioned would be sufficient to run GF with a growing db of 300k posts? That increases by about 15k per month. Again, users online (past 10 minutes) is usually 100-125... mySQL connections are 30-50.

Now to the feature questions...

Does GF support unique headers/footers for each forum?
Are there any archiving options?
Are custom profile fields supported? (without hacks, I guess)
Is a PHP version planned?
Have there been any new UBBT -> GF import scripts done (various db changes since W3T V5)
Is there an admin demo somewhere, aside from the functional demo script? (too many admin questions to list!)

Overall, I was disappointed when Infopop bought out W3T, which had a support community much like this one. I think GT is a great company, and if it's sensible from a technical and usability standpoint to switch, I'll strongly consider it.

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