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Q1. Anonymous Posting

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Q1. Anonymous Posting
I am evaluating the forum at the moment and I have got the following question.

Could someone define what is meant "Anonymous Posting"?
A) I thought it means that Posting a message without logging on. However, I was not able to do so in the product which I downloaded. So, this could be a wrong definition.
B) Does it mean you still have to log on, but when you post a message, your name will apear as "Anonymous"? if yes, how to do that?
C) What is the relationship to "post_guest_customer username" in Admin/Setup/PostSettings?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: [daxter] Q1. Anonymous Posting In reply to

"Anonymous Posting" does mean that you can post without logging in.

You can set these permissions on a per forum basis. When you add or modify a forum you can select the Group Permission at the bottom of the screen. You have to set "Guests" to "Read/Reply/Post Access" if you want to enable anonymous posting.

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Re: [yogi] Q1. Anonymous Posting In reply to
Thanks yogi. It works. Smile