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Placing attached images in the post

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Placing attached images in the post

I'm interested in using Gossamer Forum for my website - both it's messageboard, and for the website itself (using the forum as a content management system).

I just made a test post here:


Hmm... Another question now: Can I do regular, pretty link tags? I would rather have that whole URL above hidden in a link to "my test post" or something, like I can do with IkonBoard (which I currently use).

Anyway, back onto topic:

I want to be able to upload image attachments, and then drag and drop the attachment into the post and position it where I'd like - you can see that I tried to do that with one of the photos, and it just stuck a weird little placeholder in.

I got around this by coming back and editing my post after checking the URL of the uploaded image, and popping that in with the regular Image button. Of course, that's no long-term solution.

If you guys can get this working, and the whole system is fully templatable and the back-end customizable (I'd like some custom fields for my member profiles, like city, state/province, country, that would be searchable, allowing members to find other members in their vicinity (I do this with some custom PHP/mySQL now, but would like it all part of one user database for everything)), I'm definitely very interested in your forum...

Thanks for your help!

Stephen Maeder

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Re: [biketrials] Placing attached images in the post In reply to
Hi Stephen,

You can do URL links by using tags like:

[url "http://yahoo.com"]Yahoo[/url]

or in the wysiwyg editor, highlight the text and press ctrl-k or press the link button (last image on the toolbar).

As for inline images, we don't support them yet unless they are pulled from another server (or done like you did in a two step process).

This is something we are looking at for a future version.

The entire system is completely template driven.


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