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Oracle and Forum

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Oracle and Forum
Hello all, I have a question. The user information that is used in the Forums script, can that information for users be derived from a table I already have setup in Oracle, and use that information passed to it to allow access to the forum without logging in? I have my site set up that when they login, the user information is passed throughout the site, and no further logging is needed. So far I have been lucky. However, looking at this it seems as though using a forum is going to be more of a hassle than it would be worth, unless I write it myself.

Any thoughts or hints? This forum rocks by the way.
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Re: [sinjinsu] Oracle and Forum In reply to

You would need a custom authentication plugin. I'd recommend downloading Gossamer Community and looking at the Auth_Community plugin as an example of a plugin that will authenticate off a different table.


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