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Gossamer Forum plugin for AdvertPro

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Gossamer Forum plugin for AdvertPro

I asked to the AdverPRO support what are the advantages to use the Gossamer Forum plugin for their product. Here their answer:


The plugin for Gossamer Forum really only lets you easily display AdvertPRO banners on your forum. There isn't any support for targeting keywords or forums. Although there really should be... I've been meaning to nag Gossamer Threads to get that working... they develop the plugins for their products, not us. So, maybe something to mention as a suggestion to them.

So, since I'm able to put myself the banner code in the my Gossamer Forum templates, I really don't understand the utility of this plugin sold at $119.00 USD. Can someone in Gossamer staff explain me a bit what are the real advantages to use this plugin? And may I see a screenshot of the control panel of this plugin?

Thank you.

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Re: [Franco] Gossamer Forum plugin for AdvertPro In reply to

The advantages of the plugin are:

1. You can add <%Plugin::GForum::AdvertPRO::display_region('region')%> in your template to display a banner without loading AdvertPRO via a system call.

2. You can install and upgrade AdvertPRO straight from the plugin system (two click install).

It's not as compelling as for Links SQL (where you can use one tag on static and dynamic pages), but is still convienant for new users who want easy integration. For more advanced users, it may not be worthwhile.


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Re: [Alex] Gossamer Forum plugin for AdvertPro In reply to
Thank you Alex for your answer.

1- I need to use text link under banner, but it's available only throw a SSI call. Is it possible to call banners throw a SSI call with the plugin? Or is there another way with the plugin to use text link under banner? For the moment, I use a script named Executer.cgi to call banner throw SSI code and it works correctly.

2- I'm not sure to understand the way it goes for the installation. Do I have to buy the software AdvertPRO and the GF plugin, but install only the GF plugin?

3- How do I set keywords and custom targets with the tag <%Plugin::GForum::AdvertPRO::display_region('region')%>? Is there a way to set them in the control panel of the plugin?

Thank you!