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GF versus Open Source

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GF versus Open Source

What are the advantages of using Gossamer Forum rather than using open source forums like phpBB or ikonboard?

Any comments or feedback (especially feature wise)?

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Re: [jai] GF versus Open Source In reply to
Gossamer Forum was the best PERL/mysql forum I could find. I used to use UBB.

Most open source forums are PHP/mysql, and since I like to make my own mods, I did not want PHP because I like to use PERL.

Gossamer Forum has a very good template and plugin system that is highly customizable.

I suggest comparing the features to other forums, but also matching the one you pick to your customization needs and programming skills.

Let us know how it goes..

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Re: [jai] GF versus Open Source In reply to
Usually, I prefer open source to commercial programs. The exception is with the GT programs. Their SQL engine and Template parser make development of sites easy. Their full power can be used by other programs you may write to extend your site with only a few lines of set up code. The modules are shared between all the GT programs, so you don't have to learn several different ways of doing things.

I prefer PERL to PHP, since the whole first 10 years of web development was a push to separate functionality from display, and PHP embeds it's functionality in the display.

GT's template parser is nearly as powerful as PHP, if you want to go that route. You can embed functions, access the full power of PERL, and do all sorts of stuff in the templates -- and you'll still be mod_perl compatible for speed.

Nothing is perfect, but I have not been disappointed with GT products, and their support, and development for close to 5 years now. That's longer than most other products survive.

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