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validation/registration - backwards??

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validation/registration - backwards??
Unsure Regardless of settings.... it seems like people who have signed up to my board, who 'by settings' should not be 'validated' until I do it after the email address varification..... have REGISTERED status, but in the profiles ENABLED is set to 'disabled'.

The 'permissions' by group... guest, member etc. don't seem to be tracking the 'validated' settings. It seems like anyone that registers gets permissions 'too far up the scale' They can read AND post. I want GUESTS to be 'read only'. Members can post, respond, new threads, etc. Registered should be 'admin approved' while guests are anyone that registered who they are with the board, as 'guests' of the system.

Am I the only one that doesn't understand the REGISTERED and ENABLED/DISABLED status of users?

Or is my ranting...actually requesting a 'middle' level or multiple..settable levels of permisiions? Maybe consider seperating out READ POST REPLY DEL MOVE permissions each to its own 'switch'

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Re: [ptegler] validation/registration - backwards?? In reply to

I read this a couple times, but you lost me. =)

Are you saying you want:

Guests - users who do not login
Registered - users who login but are not admin approved
Members - users who login and are admin approved

and you want each class to have different permissions? Currently, there is no "Registered group" right now. You could accomplish this by adding a group, and when you admin approve a user, you place them in a custom group. Then you remove the right for members to post, and only allow admin users the ability to post.

Not sure if this is what you are asking though. =)


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Re: [Alex] validation/registration - backwards?? In reply to
I guess it's a matter of understanding ...what you call what. When looking through the 'users list' and reading the ENABLED and REGISTERED status (yes / no) It's a bit confusing trying to keep track of / setup... who is a member and who is a guest. I look at it as guests are unvalidated, un-registered. Registered were/are 'approved' by the admin.