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I'm hoping someone can help with this. My problem is that new users signing up to my forums are, by default, getting "unlimited" checked in their user info under payment expiry.

I have community installed and my website is not yet public.

I understand that community seems to have disabled the requirement for new users to pay in order to register, but this actually works well for what I want, as I don't want to force members to pay. I'm trying to instead manually create a user-optional premium membership and then manually do "if" checks in my templates to give extra features to paying members. So visitors can freely register and then pay to add time to their expiry date.

It is all working perfectly (to my knowledge- haven't actually tried a test paypal payment to myself yet) except that new users are automatically getting "unlimited" checked in their user info under payment expiry.

I've checked in MySQLMan and changing the default expiring length from "0" to anything else, doesn't fix the situation.

Any help? Thank you
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Thread user_payment_expiry-unlimited Dempsey 3063 Oct 24, 2009, 1:49 PM
Post Re: [Dempsey] user_payment_expiry-unlimited
Andy 2954 Oct 25, 2009, 12:29 AM