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some users get no email

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some users get no email

This probably isn't a Gossamer Forum problem, but it's driving me crazy.

For some strange reason, user's who use an ISP email account never get their validation email (or any email for that matter). This was tested with a number of ISPs, including AOL. The part that makes it strange is that if a user signs up with a yahoo or hotmail account, they get the emai right away. I am using sendmail on a redhat system.

Any ideas?
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Re: [xev] some users get no email In reply to
I've had the same problem on IIS from the beginning, and I've never been given a solution, so I just validate those missing the emails manually.

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Antwort: [xev] some users get no email In reply to
as i know, some ISP refuse Email from another ISP and some IP hosts.

if you use personal mail server, please register the MX record of DNS

my MSN: perlchina_at_hotmail.com