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reindex timeout

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reindex timeout

Having some problems with the forum reinding. I am trying to reindex my 165k post forum to internal from the command line.

At post 23750 the shell kicks up the error "CPU time limit exceeded"

ulimit -t indicates time limit is 300 seconds and I can't alter that. I'd like to do this without contacting my shared server host.

Any ideas folks?

Would editing this line in admin/tools/reindex.pl do anything?

$post->reindex({ tick => 250, max => 1000, cond => { post_deleted => 0 } });

Thanks in advance!

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Re: [Swaylock] reindex timeout In reply to
A related question on reindexing.

If you use "internal" index, do you have to periodically reindex? or does Gossamer Forum index as it goes along. The reason I ask it because I don't want to bug my hosts each time i need to reindex.

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Re: [Swaylock] reindex timeout In reply to
No, you only need to reindex once. Once you switch the indexing, Gossamer Forum immediately starts updating the index for any new or updated posts. Reindexing is needed to add all the existing post data into the index - once they are indexed, everything is kept up to date automatically.

Jason Rhinelander
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