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different templates ?

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different templates ?
There are a couple of different options to choose from in the Forum-Templates like:

- common
- default
- default_top
- iframe
- search_engine

what is the difference of these things and when do I use which one ?

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Re: [erichcyber] different templates ? In reply to
The "default" set is the one that is used by default. Other sets can exist, like the search engine set, different languages, and such.

The "search engine" templates are the ones used if you enable them in your server, to direct the search engines to user-friendly URLs (http://beadbanter.com) is using them.

The others, I'm not sure the specifics, but the names probably give a clue.

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Re: [erichcyber] different templates ? In reply to
The "default" templates are:

  • default - the default templates ;)

  • default_top - inherits from default, so that it uses all the same templates except for the include_post_display.html, which puts the post information at the top of the post instead of on the left of the post.

  • common - Used for templates designed to be inherited by all other template sets. In GForum, this contains the advanced editor templates and javascript, which are designed to be shared across templates.

The iframe templates were some experimental templates that I did up some time ago. They are basically the same as the default templates, except that the post reply page contains an iframe with the entire thread in it, instead of the "default" way of displaying just the one post you are replying to.

The search_engine templates, as pugdog mentioned, require some server customization, but are used to make your Gossamer Forum pages appear to be static pages (in reality, they aren't) for the purposes of having search engines such as google index your form. We also use them here - do a google search for "search_engine templates", and you'll how these templates are designed to work.

I'd recommend sticking with the "default" (or "default_top", if you prefer that look of posts) template set, as they are the "official" GForum templates.

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