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automatic user authentication

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automatic user authentication

i integrated gossamer forum in my webpage. a visitor can only reach the forum if he's logged in the Page

with another username and password. to make the second login (the forum) unnecessary, i want to connect

the user only through a "klick" on the forum button on the Page. (It's not necessary in the first place to

maintain the user in one DB, perhaps later)

Can anybody tell me what's the "easiest" way to realize this or give me a hint how to do that.

thanks and greetings
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Re: [PatrickN] automatic user authentication In reply to
There are a couple of solutions for this:

1---Gossamer Community -- do a search and you'll find tons of info

2---Custom Solution -- There are others here who have done this without GC. Maybe if you explain more your setup and goal, someone can give some assistance.

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Re: [bretzke] automatic user authentication In reply to
Thanks Dave,

i guess the GC is not useable for me, because the general login is from another system (a content management system). This login has to be used at first, because of the personalization. The goal is, that the user can open the forum and post a threat without to login at the forum.

As solution i thought of something like that (presumed, that a user is applied in both db with the same username):

A logged in visitor klicks on the button forum. The system gets the username and pw from the cms and relay them as parameter to the forum like :


Is that possible ?

I read, that it is possible to overwrite the "auth_valid_user" in the authentication.pm. Would that solve my problem ?

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Re: [PatrickN] automatic user authentication In reply to
Hi Patrick,

The AutoLogin plugin that I created may help. It requires that the user have a cookie already, presumably from having logged in to a different part of your website. Works flawlessly for me. You can find details and background here:


And install the plugin from URL here:

I haven't upgraded to 1.2 yet, so not sure if it works there or not. Should work fine on GForum versions up to 1.18.

Michael Coyne
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Re: [mcoyne] automatic user authentication In reply to
Hi Michael,

thanks a lot. I guess the plugin will help me. Then i try to implement the plugin into my page.

Good work !