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Watch Thread, View Thread, Print Thread buttons question

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Watch Thread, View Thread, Print Thread buttons question
Hello again.

Can anybody tell me if the Watch Thread, View Thread, and Print Thread buttons are images or are they somehow text drawn on objects that look like buttons?

If they are true button images, what font is used. i ask because the font text is very very clean and crisp, and I'd like to use it on some buttons that I am creating for the forum for replacement of the Reply, Delete, Quote, Edit links that are now only text links on every message body.

If they are text on an object that looks like a button, how is that created? I'd like to insert it where I have the image links listed below so an example would be nice as I'd like to make all my buttons in the forum look the same.

draw => post_display_options,
separator => " &nbsp; ",
edit => "<img src=\"/images/editbutton.gif\" height=26 width=78 border=0>",
delete => "<img src=\"/images/deletebutton.gif\" height=26 width=78 border=0>",
cant_post => "Can't Post",
quote => "<img src=\"/images/quotebutton.gif\" height=26 width=78 border=0>",
reply => "<img src=\"/images/replybutton.gif\" height=26 width=78 border=0>",
a_attribs => ""

The above code is from the include_post_display.html template.