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Virtual Host Resource Usage

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Virtual Host Resource Usage

We are considering heavily this forum for our website of a community of medical professionals. We are not sure what our user base is but a good estimate is around 3500 users.

I am wondering how this forum does with large users bases as far as CPU loads because we will be on a virtual host. I know other forums have caused webhosters to complain to the forum holders for excessive cpu usage from their forum scripts. Can anyone add some input or has anyone done a comparison with this forums usage compared to phpBB, UBB or some of the other more popular scripted forums?

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Re: [mrknowitall] Virtual Host Resource Usage In reply to

While I don't run big boards (yet), I am familiar with both phpBB (www.iuni.com/forum) and GForum (http://www.macscripts.com/...bin/forum/gforum.cgi?).

Both are virtually hosted and both can be at times slow (not the fault of the scripts) but rather what the other users are doing on the host.

I have found GForum to be faster in searching, and certainly faster in page loads, as best I can compare.

I have made sure that there is limitation on attachment sizes and images sizes to help reduces overhead.

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