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User management between Glinks and Gforum

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User management between Glinks and Gforum

I have GL and GF running, And I once had community running too, which I unplugged, because it's an abandoned software and I can't get it to run right. (I even wonder it's still mentioned. when I search the support forum I get a few answers from...2003!)

I have now these two apps, and I'd like to share users and passwords between them.
Is there another way to do this simply ? Or...not? Frown
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Re: [mimilamite] User management between Glinks and Gforum In reply to
Whats wrong with community?

I have running this on few sites even using it for now GT software and I'm prety satisfied with it, the only features missing right now are facebook auth integrated or with plugin and remote auth for sites besides on different physical servers.


Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Auth for GLinks and GCommunity | reCAPTCHA for GLinks | Free GLinks Plugins