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Super Users?

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Super Users?
Is there a way to create a "Super Users" type of forum without having to make these users moderators?

I would like to have an area easily accessible by a chosen few that other users cannot see. The only way i can see to do this is to resrict access to only moderators, but we dont want any more mods...

Any clues?

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Re: [Cheech] Super Users? In reply to
You can create a new group (Users -> Groups -> Add), with whichever members you want. Once the group has been added, you'll now see a forum permission dropdown for the new group - to do what you're trying to do, you'd probably want to select "No access" for all the groups _except_ for the new one, which you would give the full Read/Reply/Post access.

Jason Rhinelander
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Re: [Jagerman] Super Users? In reply to
Once again my thanks Jagerman Smile
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Re: [Cheech] Super Users? In reply to

Something aint quite right.

I created a new group, added members to it then created a forum with the following view settings-

Guest Users No access
Non Validated users No access
Registered users No access
Mod of any forum No access
Groupname Read/Reply/Post access

All was looking good, I had 2 members online and could add/remove them form the group and after refresh they could/couldnt see the new forum correctly, depending on if the were in the group or not.
This morning I noticed someone not in the group had posted a message. When I look at any user profile, although they are not listed in the group I created they do have a groups option in their profile and it has the new group listed with no means of deleting this.

I guess I done something wrong, but what?

As ever
Cheers Cheech
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Re: [Cheech] Super Users? In reply to
any ideas?