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Registering Names

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Registering Names
Hm. Paul's situation has inspired me to ask for another feature:

You know when you IRC, you have NickServ to controll nicknames, and people taking them etc. Wouldn't it be cool if Gossamer Forum could manage nicknames? As in, each use could have 5 reserved nicknames and alias them to one user. IRC can do this, I think, where you canr egister up to 5 variants of your useranem and alias them all to your master account.

Anyway, not exactly sure what I'm asking here, but, for for thought...

- wil
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Re: [Wil] Registering Names In reply to
What would be the point? It would just mean all the popular usernames would get used up...and people would get confused with each of their usernames ;)

Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Registering Names In reply to
This is an old post, but the answer to the question as to "why" is simple. Role Playing.

Right now, a user could do that by joining multiple times, but if they could register an alias in each forum, it would be a good thing.

And, there should be an option to make each alias per forum unique, or not. Since the primary key is still the Username, the Forum_Alias would just be a field for role playing.

The display would show the Alias, and under it in smaller type, the real Username. Trivial.

I'm not sure what the best way to implement this is, but most likely it would need to be managed by another table, where for usability, the primary key would be an autoindex, but the fields would be indexed by Username, then Forum_ID, and then Alias.

All this would need is a small management utility, since the "alias" field is only a display thing, and has nothing to do with the internals of the Forum (It's still all tied to Username/UserID)

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