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Potential UBB import bug?

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Potential UBB import bug?
Hi there,

I hope this is the correct place to post. I was having problems importing from UBB, and had to make the following patch. Just thought I'd share it, in case it's helpful. I was getting error messages complaining that the PM's didn't have msg_username set, so they weren't updating to the message table.

in sub import_messages

I added the following
for my $message_id (0 .. $pm_topic_data{replies}) {
$gf_row->{from_user_id_fk} = exists $self->{users}{$pm_from{$message_id}} ? $self->{users}{$pm_from{$message_id}}{id} : 0;
$gf_row->{to_user_id_fk} = exists $self->{users}{$pm_from{$message_id}} ? $self->{users}{$pm_to{$message_id}}{id} : 0;
#### added this line -- so PM's import correctly!!!
$gf_row->{msg_username} = exists $self->{users}{$pm_from{$message_id}} ? $self->{users}{$pm_from{$message_id}}{username} : "''";

i hope that's helpful (and correct!)


Brian Fujito