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Password protected category and or threads

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Password protected category and or threads
One thing I really did not like about WWWthreads was there was no password protection only groups. The groups seemed slightly complicated for users to sign up to.

I like your products. I hope you can add a password protection feature/option where a moderator can make password protect a category or thread. I was looking for something simply were I could give, say 50 people the same id and password for a specific category.

Of course they would have to sign up to the forum first and they would have access to the non password protected categories. I just wanted a simple group password feature similar to .hcaccess .hcpassword.

Thanks for all the great work on your programs,
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Re: [Code07] Password protected category and or threads In reply to
Isn't it easier that you add the users to a certain group that only has permissions to view that forum (which is how Gossamer Forum works)? That way once they're logged in, they don't need a separate password to view that forum. This also prevents unauthorized people who have somehow obtained the password to the private forum.

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Re: [brewt] Password protected category and or threads In reply to
how do you create a group?
does the moderator have to manually add people?
if so, I really don't like that idea. If a member can apply for a posted group and the moderator accepts them that would be better. Like the validation system in links sql.

I would like to avoid recruiting people into a group. I rather have someone that is interested sign up then a moderator simply approves them.